How to have successful fitness sessions at home?

To do ab workouts for women at home, we sometimes lack motivation, accessories or techniques. Here are 10 tips from Adam Von Rothfelder, MMA fighter and celebrities trainer.

Please note that the practice of fitness alone is not enough to lose weight. As with all sports, fitness eliminates toxins but does not make you lose weight. It is important to combine fitness with a healthy diet if you want to lose weight. For an overweight person, I recommend cardiovascular exercises.

The pace: 40 minutes, 2-3 times a week

2 to 3 times per week for 30 to 40 minutes per session, this is the most adequate rate for training. Do not practice fitness excessively. The key is to adapt the exercises to your needs, physical abilities and age. With an Ab Rocket Twister, the recommended pace is 5 minutes / session, 7 times a week.

Remember to warm up

An essential step to avoid tears, wounds and not to traumatize the joints. To warm up the upper body, practice bending and circular arcs with a stick that you hold with both hands. You will thus ease your joints. For the bottom, do a series of sit ups. The warm up must not exceed 10 minutes as you don’t want to get tired before exercising. You just prepare the body, warm the back and joints.

For a flat stomach, do sit-ups with regularity

Needless to multiply different exercises for strengthening the stomach. To muscle all groups abs, repeat this exercise every other day, for 3 sets of 15 to 20 moves according to your possibilities. The important thing is not the quantity but the regularity. Lying on your back, one knee on the belly, the other leg straight, hands behind your neck, you will touch with your elbow the opposite knee. Left elbow/right knee, then switch to right elbow/left knee, and so on.

Weigh your feet to firm your buttocks faster

Kneeling, elbows on the ground, one leg up in the extension of the body. Pull your knee under your chest and then straighten the leg again. Continue 2 to 4 sets of push-extensions, 2 to 3 times a week. For faster results, you can put a weight on your feet.

Placement and breathing, for optimum work

These are both essential to take maximum advantage of the fitness sessions. A proper placement during exercises exercises only the body part you want. This prevents offset on other parts of muscles and joints. Exercise is then more effective. As for breathing, if you breathe too much, the muscle is over-oxygenated, if you do not breathe enough, it is under-oxygenated. Optimal oxygenation allows the muscle to work at 100%, in depth.

Stick, weight, carpet, rubbers: the essential accessories

To practice at home, a stick, a pair of weights, a gym mat and a pair of rubber bands are enough. Devices like Ab Rocket Twister or treadmills are complementary but not essential.

Practice with a friend, it’s more motivating

The ideal is to find a girlfriend for you motivate each other. Alternatively have a person (coach or close friend) to whom you are accountable, who watches you and take regular news. Working with DVDs is also motivating, more than with a book. There is someone in front of you to guide you, encourage you and doing the exercises along with you.

Work your posture through stretching

For longer and tonic muscles, do some stretching after your fitness session. This allows a better posture. Legs straight, touch the floor with your palms or fingertips, depending on your flexibility, stretch your lower back and back of thighs.

And for the less motivated, try the gym

Fitness at the gym or at home, both options are good. This is a question of taste and motivation. For the less motivated, prefer the gym. At home, we tend to give up faster and easier, to be interrupted by the telephone, or find something else to do. You may want to buy Ab Rocket Twister to get extra motivation to practice at home. In gyms one feels obliged to work.


Getting perfect abs without the Ab Rocket Twister

No Ab Rocket Twister? You can still get great abs!

You dream of a slim waist and a flat stomach? A unique solution: have concrete abs! To strengthen your abdominal muscles in a the blink of an eye, here are some tips and exercises to do at home.

Know your body:
perfct abs-ab-rocket-twisterTo work your muscles, your must first know where they are. Indeed, the abs are divided in four muscle groups:
– Large, small obliques and rectus, responsible for joining the trunk with the lower limbs. Developed during conventional abdominal exercises, they hold an important role in stature and serve as points of support for the head, shoulders and arms.
– The transverse, placed as a strap across the abdomen, contains the abdominal organs.This is the “flat belly” muscle, the one that works when you enter the stomach.

Daily tips:
– Develop the habit keep your back flat: straighten up, shoulders backwards, and look straight, this position helps to tone the abdominal muscles (look at the abs of

to motivate you!).
– Learn to breathe through your belly: standing up, feet flat on the ground, knees slightly bent, buttocks tight, shoulders backwards, look up and focus on a far away point. Inhale through the nose, slowly, inflating your belly, and exhale through the mouth, now deflating your belly without rounding the back. This exercise is as effective as a gym class, and you can practice while walking, waiting for the bus, or even between classes!
– Think to hold back your belly: for example, if you need to pick something up, flatten your belly first, then kneel. Similarly, to stand up, flatten your belly then push hard on your legs without leaning forward.
– Do exercise regularly! The transverse is solicited in any sport. If it helps, use an ab toner but beware of the Ab Rocket Twister scam on eBay and Amazon. Always buy from an official website!

A few easy exercises:
– Want to thin your waist? Get on your feet, legs slightly bent, hands on your shoulders, stomach pulled back, back straight, stretch your right arm upward and then bend it over your head to the left while inhaling. Straighten up and do the same on the other side. Repeat this 20 times.
– Want to build up your transverse? Lie down on your stomach, your forearms on the ground in line with your body at chest level, and raise your body pushing only on your toes and forearms. Tighten your buttocks and flatten your stomach to align your legs, head and back, and maintain the position.
– Want to strengthen your muscles? Lie down on your back, knees bent at 90 degrees, hands placed on the temples on each side of your head, and lift your shoulders and upper back to bring your head and your chest closer to your knees. Exhale when rising and exhale completely when going back down. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

Useful tips:
Please note, abdominal exercises should be executed with care: closely related to your back, exercise practiced without caution can lead to back pain. Here is what to do (or not do):
– Do not block your breathing: expire gently through your mouth during the effort, when you flex the torso, and exhale during the downswing.
– Do place your hands on your temples: does not cross your arms across your chest or place your hands behind your head, as this position leads to tensions in the neck.
– Never block your feet under a bed, a trellis or an ab board. Use the Ab Rocket Twister if you have one as it maintains your neck and back in perfect and secure position.
– Do not exercise with your legs straight if your trunk-thigh angle is open: forget scissors and cycling
– Finally, for a flat stomach and stretched abs, always practice with a flat stomach, and maintain in throughout your exercise.



Learn How Ab Rocket Twister Is Helping You Getting The Perfect Abs During Your Abs Workout, And Why!

Why should you use an Ab Machine? 


When you invest in a machine like the

Ab Rocket Twister, it helps you focus on a program first of all because you put some money in it! The only way to achieve results in body toning and ab building is consistency and persistence. When you buy Ab Rocket Twister or any training equipment, you prove yourself that you are willing to commit as you definitely don’t want it so sit in your garage!


Many find abdominal exercises boring and/or uncomfortable, and get tired of them very quickly, unless practicing in a good gym with a nice setup (but here again the cost might refrain you for going regularly). 

The companies producing and selling these ab machines often get bad publicity because a few of them built a bad reputation with wrongful selling methods. But don’t let a few black sheep influence your opinion. Most of the manufacturers are pretty good and a quick research on the internet can prove it. 

Another benefit of owning an ab machine (check Ab Rocket Twister Reviews) is that it makes your training routine easy and comfortable. You don’t need to train a lot (a minimum of 5 minutes daily is recommended) as long as you train often. 

The fact that it is shaped like a chair is helping a lot too, because you can train while watching your favorite team or series on TV! It is very easy to make it part of a daily routine, just place your ab training machine in a strategic point of your house (very often in front of the TV!).
The reason why ab machines like the Ab Rocket Twister are efficient is because they are based on resistance workout.

Resistance training: Advantages and benefits 

Resistance training includes weight training, stretching exercises, and bending which can improve muscle strength as well as the power of the person exercising. 

Resistance workout is generally recommended for athletes, but can be practices by anyone above 18 year. For teens up to 18, resistance training requires great care. 

Resistance training should not be very strong nor aggressive, because it can damage muscles and may have adverse effects on the bone structure. When done in moderation, the benefits of resistance workout extend across age groups, even for the elderly. Read on to discover the benefits of resistance exercise training. 

Benefits of resistance exercise 

Helps reduce body fat
Resistance training helps fat reduction and muscle toning. It builds muscle and burns fat. In addition to burning fat during the workout, it also improves your body shape, tones up and makes you look good physically, and also boosts your self confidence.

Increases strength and mobility
The strength of your body is reinforced by a strict training resistance. It also promotes mobility and keeps you agile and fit. You feel strong and able to perform a variety of activities without being exhausted. In fact, if you engage in regular resistance workout, you would be able to raise a considerable amount of weight. Training can also fight effectively the adverse effects induced by aging, for the elderly. Weakness, which makes older people vulnerable to injury, can be avoided with this kind of exercises.

Increases bone mineral density
Our bone tissues break down and build again. The decrease in mineral content in bones can lead to osteoporosis (thinning of bone) as well. Resistance workout exercises can solve this problem successfully, leaving no hormones affect bone mineral density with age, due to increased physical activity.

Improves cardiovascular health
Like resistance training promotes good physic, it also improves your heart condition, by controlling your blood pressure and protecting you from heart attack efficiently. It effectively reduces the risk of heart disease, if done consistently. Maintaining a healthy heart is important to extend your life expectancy and to lead a healthy life. Resistance exercises can be used to maintain heart health.

Improves mental health
Any form of exercise helps you keep a healthy mind in a healthy body. Resistance exercises can be the best form of exercise, because it shows excellent results, not only the body, but also on the mind. These exercises help you keep your sanity while making you feel good and get rid of any concerns about your body.

The Benefits of the Ab Rocket Twister? 

Ab Rocket Twister targets your abs, strengthens your upper body and increases your strength. It tones your abs from all sides and makes sit-ups a piece of cake! From front to back, sideways, upside down, everything is possible. The seat features a unique design that gives you the option to turn and rotate your body to maximize your workout. 

Exercise in comfort as the Ab Rocket Twister has neck and back support, and efficient cushioning. Cushions are mounted on rollers so that it would massage you throughout your workout. The unit has foam grips that you can comfortably grab too. 

Ideal for all levels from beginner to advanced, the device has three resistance levels to suit all. Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, you’ll be able to train at your own pace.
In addition, you will get a workout DVD and a booklet with a meal plan for free. When you buy ab Rocket Twister, it ships for free in the US.

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