How to have successful fitness sessions at home?

To do ab workouts for women at home, we sometimes lack motivation, accessories or techniques. Here are 10 tips from Adam Von Rothfelder, MMA fighter and celebrities trainer.

Please note that the practice of fitness alone is not enough to lose weight. As with all sports, fitness eliminates toxins but does not make you lose weight. It is important to combine fitness with a healthy diet if you want to lose weight. For an overweight person, I recommend cardiovascular exercises.

The pace: 40 minutes, 2-3 times a week

2 to 3 times per week for 30 to 40 minutes per session, this is the most adequate rate for training. Do not practice fitness excessively. The key is to adapt the exercises to your needs, physical abilities and age. With an Ab Rocket Twister, the recommended pace is 5 minutes / session, 7 times a week.

Remember to warm up

An essential step to avoid tears, wounds and not to traumatize the joints. To warm up the upper body, practice bending and circular arcs with a stick that you hold with both hands. You will thus ease your joints. For the bottom, do a series of sit ups. The warm up must not exceed 10 minutes as you don’t want to get tired before exercising. You just prepare the body, warm the back and joints.

For a flat stomach, do sit-ups with regularity

Needless to multiply different exercises for strengthening the stomach. To muscle all groups abs, repeat this exercise every other day, for 3 sets of 15 to 20 moves according to your possibilities. The important thing is not the quantity but the regularity. Lying on your back, one knee on the belly, the other leg straight, hands behind your neck, you will touch with your elbow the opposite knee. Left elbow/right knee, then switch to right elbow/left knee, and so on.

Weigh your feet to firm your buttocks faster

Kneeling, elbows on the ground, one leg up in the extension of the body. Pull your knee under your chest and then straighten the leg again. Continue 2 to 4 sets of push-extensions, 2 to 3 times a week. For faster results, you can put a weight on your feet.

Placement and breathing, for optimum work

These are both essential to take maximum advantage of the fitness sessions. A proper placement during exercises exercises only the body part you want. This prevents offset on other parts of muscles and joints. Exercise is then more effective. As for breathing, if you breathe too much, the muscle is over-oxygenated, if you do not breathe enough, it is under-oxygenated. Optimal oxygenation allows the muscle to work at 100%, in depth.

Stick, weight, carpet, rubbers: the essential accessories

To practice at home, a stick, a pair of weights, a gym mat and a pair of rubber bands are enough. Devices like Ab Rocket Twister or treadmills are complementary but not essential.

Practice with a friend, it’s more motivating

The ideal is to find a girlfriend for you motivate each other. Alternatively have a person (coach or close friend) to whom you are accountable, who watches you and take regular news. Working with DVDs is also motivating, more than with a book. There is someone in front of you to guide you, encourage you and doing the exercises along with you.

Work your posture through stretching

For longer and tonic muscles, do some stretching after your fitness session. This allows a better posture. Legs straight, touch the floor with your palms or fingertips, depending on your flexibility, stretch your lower back and back of thighs.

And for the less motivated, try the gym

Fitness at the gym or at home, both options are good. This is a question of taste and motivation. For the less motivated, prefer the gym. At home, we tend to give up faster and easier, to be interrupted by the telephone, or find something else to do. You may want to buy Ab Rocket Twister to get extra motivation to practice at home. In gyms one feels obliged to work.